Would you or someone you know thrive at the Milieu Center?

Please note that potential clients currently receive services from Alta Regional Center and are between 18 and 59 years old.

I'm a future client - what do I do?

Your first step is to call your Alta Regional Center Service Coordinator. Your care provider or your worker may be able to help you.
Not sure who your Service Coordinator is? Call the Alta Regional Center at
(916) 978-6400.

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I'm a care provider - what's my next step?

Contact your client's service coordinator at Alta Regional. They will contact the Milieu Center directly to determine the next step. In the event of a tour, you are encouraged to join your client. A team decision will then be made regarding placement. 

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I'm a service Coordinator - 
who do i contact?

Your main contact at The Milieu Center is Director Calvin Hackett. If possible, email Calvin your client's packet (most recent IPP, CDER, Social Assessment, etc) before calling to schedule a tour. You and/or your client's care providers are encouraged to join the tour.

Contact Calvin →